Website Terms of UseThe VCMPerth Team

The advertising of businesses not directly associated with VCMPerth
By VCMPerth’s stall holders, sponsors or financial clients , visitors and entrants while attending VCMPerth’s events is strictly prohibited except to show your attendance at those events ONLY.

The Vintage Collective Markets maintains its rights as a Business entity to protect its image, logo , activities, sponsors and vendors, goodwill and patrons. The inducement or procurement of signed VCMPerth’s vendors , sponsors, participants, entrants, public and clients, financially or otherwise, be it by e- media, electronically, printed or uttered at any of our venues or events for business purposes is not permitted.

Any and all images provided by participants, vendors, sponsors and suppliers are given for ongoing commercial use. All logos and water marks remain. All images are subject for use in promoting past, present and future events. By submitting any images for use, activity or entry, you give permission for use of those images for our purposes in perpetuity.

By reading this notice, entering a venue or event run by VCMPerth, signing or entering  agreements the VCMPerth or its entities , organizers or participating in any associated events of VCMPerth you agree to these terms and conditions.
Any one found to be using our Name , like activities, the names of organizers and/or stallholders as an inducement to advertise another ‘like’ event not associated with VCMPerth will be prosecuted under the Intellectual Property and Copyright Acts.