Website Terms of UseThe VCMPerth Team

The advertising of businesses not directly associated with VCMPerth
By VCMPerth’s stall holders, sponsors or financial clients , visitors and entrants while attending VCMPerth’s events is strictly prohibited except to show your attendance at those events ONLY.

The Vintage Collective Markets maintains its rights as a Business entity to protect its image, logo , activities, sponsors and vendors, goodwill and patrons. The inducement or procurement of signed VCMPerth’s vendors , sponsors, participants, entrants, public and clients, financially or otherwise, be it by e- media, electronically, printed or uttered at any of our venues or events for business purposes is not permitted.

By reading this notice, entering a venue or event run by VCMPerth, signing or entering  agreements the VCMPerth or its entities , organizers or participating in any associated events of VCMPerth you agree to these terms and conditions.
Any one found to be using our Name , like activities, the names of organizers and/or stallholders as an inducement to advertise another ‘like’ event not associated with VCMPerth will be prosecuted under the Intellectual Property and Copyright Acts.