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Pretty as a Pinup 2020Brought to you by Miss Lady Lace



The Vintage Collective Markets


About the contest 

A winner will be crowned! and both first place and second place will receive a sash, and goodie bag of prizes.

Host: The Vintage Collective Markets

Managed by: Miss Lady Lace

Venue: Ascot Racecourse

Event: 2022 Perth Classic Car Show

Date: May 1st

Time: 1pm

Covid 19 safety protocols will be in place on the day.

Where possible we ask you to be in costume on arrival.

Miss Lady Lace’s Pinup Parade

Miss Lady Lace’s Pinup Parade

About the parade:
Miss Lady Lace’s Pinup Parade is a fun, friendly and respectful parade celebrating the true authentic pinup genre. Where all ages and body types are welcome. Entry and management will carefully managed by WA’s most respected Pinup Queen, Miss Lady Lace. This is not like any beauty pageant with no aspect of the contest being judged on traditional beauty, but rather confidence, character and styling.

This event aims to create a fun, safe and supportive environment for all entrants to share their passions on stage. Miss Lady Lace’s Pinup Parade hopes to create community among vintage lovers, a platform for the pinups of Perth to showcase vintage fashion and help the entrants gain confidence through performance. Outside your comfort zone is where all great things are achieved, don’t be afraid to dream big and make it happen!

The contest: 
For this event we have the theme of the ‘daytrip – picnic in the park” where entrants can showcase their passion for vintage fashion. This can be as simple as donning vintage fashion and think outdoor fun and good food. For the actual contest each entrant has time on stage where they can showcase their outfit for up to two minutes. Some entrants just walk on stage, pose and walk off, so there’s no pressure to create something more complex. Previous successful pinups create a “routine” consisting of a few poses held for a few seconds each (4+ poses is a good start), with movement and audience interaction in between these. It’s also a good idea to create a theme/story line like a vintage picnic or cocktail hour, as this well utilising fabulous styling, props and posing.

Contest guidelines: 
– No prior experience is required to take part in the contest, it is open to anyone over the age of 18-years-old who has a passion for all things vintage.
– This parade has the theme of autumn season, matching your outfit to this theme would be recommended.
– Both true vintage and reproduction clothing are suited to this event. As this is a pinup contest though, and what you wear will be part of the judges criteria, your clothing is recommended to have a pinup/vintage style to it.
– This is a family friendly event please remember this with your outfit as well as any topics you share on stage through your performance.
– For this event lingerie and swimwear are not permitted on stage.
– Small and large props can be used during your time on stage, but you will need to carry your own props on and off stage.
– Only you are to perform, no additional performers, friends, or family are permitted on stage.
– No bullying or rude behaviour will be tolerated in any events hosted by Miss Lady Lace.
– Above all have fun.

Winners for this event: 
Winner and both first place and second place will receive a sash, and goodie bag of prizes.”

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What happens after I submit my application to enter?

Miss Lady Lace’s Team will contact you after receiving your Entry Form to provide further details and confirmation.