Mobile Food vendors EOI for Rock Rattle and Roll FestivalMichelle

Not for use by Standard vendors or any business entity needing a Temporary Retail Trading Permit. A separate form can be found under the apply tab.(as of 3rd July 2017)

Thank you for wanting to join us!

NOTE: As well as the quoted event management fee, further fees may also be payable to council for a temporary food traders permit. Power, if available, is charged by the venue separately. Approved applicants will be informed of any further requirements.

All food vendors whom use open ground anywhere in their operation must provide a fully covered ground application to stop spills. A fine can be imposed by venue management and will be invoiced to the offending operator.

If an event is not listed then a mobile food vendor operation is not required.

Please make sure all fields are filled in. You have added all forms as PDF only.

For Rock Rattle and Roll Festival Applications please follow this link and fill in the form.

Rock Rattle and Roll